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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  March 21, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone on this wednesday, march 21st. if you thought it was thick yesterday, step outside right now and you will feel it is a little thick again. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. i guess yesterday the word of the day was soupy. today, it was like shepherd's pie, stew. it is really thick. you could hardly see a view out there.
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let's get over to tucker barnes. >> that was clever. >> shepherd's pie, where can you pull that one? >> i don't know. it's 4:30 in the morning. >> we're generally quiet with a few showers down towards fredericksburg. that is about it. the rest of the area going to wake up with a mix of low clouds, fog and a little sunshine mixing in. kind of like yesterday with temperatures expected to be into the low to mid-70s. right now, at reagan national, you can't tell you the temperature because it is not ready to go. okay, guys. that's it for the forecast. we'll is to it back to you. >> blame the shepherd's pie. >> thank you. right now in southern france, police are outside the home of a man suspected in this week's jewish school shootings. two officers were injured when they tried to raid the home in the city of toulouse.
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police say the suspected shooter has roots in algeria and is linked to al-qaeda. they called in his mother to try to his peaceful crepedder. a little closer to home. mitt romney wins illinois. -- to try to negotiate his peace of surrender. a little closer to home, mitt romney wins illinois. a group of montgomery county school employees are suing their principal for bullying. six teachers and staff members at camel mill elementary accused principal floyd starnes of demanding they ignore suspected child abuse, inappropriate touching of students and staff. more on this one later this morning. the justice department and the fbi opened an investigation into the death of a black teenager into florida. in fact, the mayor of the town flew here to d.c. to meet with
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federal investigators. >> the deadly shooting of trayvon martin by a hispanic neighborhood watch cap than a has sparked national outrage. we have a look at the fallout. >> reporter: the shooting of 17- year-old trayvon martin has captured the nation's attention. the black teenager was shot and killed in a gated community by neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman who said he thought martin was a suspicious person. turns out martin had a soft drink in his hand and candy skittles in his pocket. zimmerman has not been arrested by local police. mayor updated the media here in washington after his hour-long meeting with justice. >> we had a great conversation. they basically said anything you can do to help us down this path and we said you tell us what you need and we'll open that book. >> there is gunshots. >> reporter: the 911 tapes
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released monday may help she had some light on zimmer zimmerman's claim it was self- defense. >> we are conducting a thorough investigation. we will leave no stone unturned. >> reporter: down in florida where students have been rallying, the attorney for martin's family says a call log will say the teen was on the phone with his girlfriend and said he was being followed. >> what george zimmerman said about him being suspicious and up to no good is completely contradicted by this phone log showing all day he was talking to his friends. in fact, he was talking to this young lady when he went to the 7-eleven and when he came back from the seven eleven.
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>> a social networking movement starts today. people are being asked to wear a hoody in solidarity with trayvon. supporters are being asked to tweet wyhftm. it is march 21st. a live look outside right now. you can't see much. i guess it is the combination of the fog and who knows what else. it is another humid day. >> i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. shepherd's pie, i don't know where i pulled that one from. maybe it is the name of the new
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rita's water ice. >> i think that is a parking lot there. sometimes we show that to show you how thick it is. >> it looked like a landing strip for an alien ship. >> a runway that you at any time want to land on. i'm going to show you the yellow you see is the fog that is sort of developing. it is kind of of ebbing and flowing but parts of the area visibilities are getting very reduced, a quarter mile or less. you can see fog starting to spread across the area. we've got a little moisture in the atmosphere. that is a combination for some fog this time of year. temperatures at reagan national, 60 degrees. humidity, 93%. it is way up there and your winds they say are out of north and east at 10. i don't think they're quite that strong at the moment. mild conditions. eventually, we'll break out into partly sunny conditions with highs in the low to mid-
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70s. could there be a shower? yes. will most of us see a shower? no. maybe a 10% chance. >> the fog makes the commute somewhat difficult. let's get a check of your on- time traffic with julie wright. >> difficult, you can't see your hand in front of your face. it won't be an easy drive into work this morning. i came out of the driveway at my house and i was i was like where did everybody go? that is just coming out of gaithersburg. allow extra time out there on the roads. the fog is impacting our traffic cameras here. leaving from 123 coming in towards nutley and trying to get past the vienna metro. that is not the case this morning. allow extra time out on the roads. i do know that v-d.o.t. is in the process of picking up the roadwork. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic.
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a developing standoff with special forces in france. they tried to raid a home in the southern city of toulouse early this morning. the two officers were hurt. anti-terror investigators suspect one of the men behind monday's horrific massacre at a school is in the home. they say he is linked to an islamic group. police have arrestrd the man's brother and brought in his mother to speak with him. eak w mitt romney wins illinois. he handily beat rick santorum taking 47% of the vote. santorum got 35%. ron paul and newt gingrich who did not campaign heavily in illinois were far behind with 9% and 8% respectively. mitt romney took aim at president obama's energy policy last night. >> under this president, bureaucrats prevent drilling rigs from going to work in the gulf. they keep coal from being
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mined. they impede the reliable supply of natural gas. they even tell farmers what their kids are able to do on their farms. this administration's assault on freedom has kept this so- called recovery from meeting their projections let alone our expectations. >> and next on the campaign calendar, louisiana's primary coming up this saturday. satur new this morning, police are investigating a shooting and car fire in fort washington, maryland. officers say they found the driver dead in a burping vehicle with a gunshot wound. it-- in a burning vehicle with a gunshot wound. officers believe the fire may have been caused by dried leaves under engine block. gene gillette pleddity impi last euro to attempted murder as well as sexual assault and gun charges. this after investigators say he set up a sex trap at his home and shot the victim as he tried to escape.
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during his time with mount rainier police, gillette was named rookie of the year and officer of the year. also in court today, serial arsonist maurice deuce. he pled guilty to arson and aggravated assault in d.c. and was sentenced to 5 jurors in prison. he confessed to starting at least 18 fires in d.c. and prince george's county. one of those fires seriously injured four firefighters. a big show of support for the victims of vicious meat crimes in the district. people gathered outside the ihop in columbia heights where a gay man was shot and wounded a week ago sunday. witnesses told police the customer called the victim a gay slur before opening fire. several hundred people then marched seven blocks along irving street to georgia avenue where a gay map was called a name, beaten and robbed the night after the ihop shooting. >> we all know it is always happening. it has been happen fig along time and it will keep happening unless we do something about it. >> it needs to be stopped.
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it is not fair at all. we can't live like this, taking our loved ones away from us. >> the group also lit candles at the intersection where a transgender woman was beaten near gallaudet university. several montgomery county teachers appears staff members are suing their principal for being a bully. they are so youing the school district for ignoring their complaints about it and they want the principal removed. melanie alnwick is live outside kemp mill elementary. >> reporter: the six teachers and staff members allege the behavior of the principal led to an unbearable work environment. the lawsuit accuses the principal of verbal abuse, harrassment, inappropriate touching of staff and students,
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threats of retaliation and false evaluations. the teachers -- >> it looks like we're having problems with melanie's live shot. we'll go back to that shortly. the lawsuit filed. the board of ed saying they have not received that lawsuit just yet. in other news, d.c. public schools are working to battle the childhood bullying problem. they have set up a panel to meet for the first time today to discuss ways to prevent bullying. the committee is also expected to come up with anti-bullying initiatives. right now, washington d.c. and south dakota are the only two places in the u.s. not to enact anticipate-bullying legislation. still ahead, a major earthquake strikes southern mexico while president obama's daughter is there on spring vacation. >> we'll get the latest on the destruction while we check more headlines. q what's my secret for sunday lunch?
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we continue to follow events out of southern mexico after yesterday's massive earthquake. the 7.4 quake was centered about 120 miles east of acapulco. many homes collapsed but no major damage has been reported in either acapulco city or mexico city. buildings swayed vile thely in the city sending people running into the streets. everyone is okay there. the president's daughter is also safe. like many american teens, 13- year-old malia is spending her spring break in the area but the white house says she was never in any danger. president obama is also making headlines this morning. the white house announcing he is going to visit the demilitarized zone between north and south crease athis weekend. the president will visit u.s. troops stationed along the dmz. he is headed to south korea on saturday for a big summit of
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asian leaders in seoul. the justice department and fbi are now looking into the deadly shooting of a teenager in a gated community in florida. george zimmerman says he shot in self-defense and thought martin was a suspicious person. zimmerman has not been arrested. the mayor there came to d.c. to help with the federal investigation. more problems for metro but this time not with the trains, the buses, the escalators. this one has to do with money. metro employees accused of using agency credit cards to make dozens of questionable purchases. >> we are talking thousands of dollars actually. we'll get a full report coming up. good morning. we've got fog across the area, thick in spots. once we get rid of the fog, what will the day have in store? i'm trying to think of what to say next. i'll have the details on the forecast and julie will have your traffic right after the break. q at lysol, we discovered a problem.
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welcome back. we takeaa live look in oxon hill, maryland. there are some parking lot lights out there but the fog is the issue. the weather should be warm enough to check out the cherry blossom trees. here is a look at what things
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look like down at the tidal base inwhere the trees are dim blooming. >> of the 3,000 original trees, there are only nine left. the rest of the trees have been planted in the years since. >> i didn't know we were down to just that many. >> of the original trees. >> of the original trees. >> i read a story about the trees and they're very well cared for. >> they're pristine down there. if you've been, as i'm sure you have. i don't think you would see much this morning. >> not at the moment. hang in there. as we get into the morning hours, we'll start to lose the fog. the next couple of hours, you will be doing one of these. >> it's like julie said, she left her driveway, where is everybody? right in front of you, you just can't see them. >> she does that a lot of mornings. high temperature yesterday was 72. 72 at reagan national. 74 at dulles. just like yesterday, we'll
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start the day with ale fog. fog and the clouds should burn off and we'll be in for a partly to mostly sunny afternoon. it will be a decent day but it will take a couple of hours to get there. 61 in washington. we are on the cool side. cool enough for the fog to start developing. 57 at gaithersburg. 57 in baltimore. 59 in annapolis. good morning to leonardtown. amazing sight here, not a lot it see in the mid-atlantic. we seem to be under this area of high pressure off it the east and that is keeping us in the unusually warm and summery air mass. the air is still and stagnant and we are getting the moisture to develop. as you get into arkansas and missouri, look at that train of water and rain being lifted to the north along a cold front. this front is very slowly marching to the east and will get for the washington area i think by about saturday. we will have rain in the forecast for the weekend and
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behind it, some cooler temperatures. we'll be near 80 before the front gets through here and in the low 60s. today, not a bad one. 74 your daytime high so once again, temperatures about 20- degree above normal. could be a stray shower out there this afternoon. i think most of us will be dry. later tonight, partly cloudy skies, the fog redevelops. here is your five-day forecast. 77 tomorrow. check out thursday and friday. beautiful, 77 tomorrow, 80 on friday. yeah, 80 degrees. we cloud one in the frontal system, 68 with some showers on saturday. that is your weather forecast. let's do some traffic with julie wright. good morning to you, tucker. right now, again, looking through the fog and there is a lot of it out here on the roads, this happens to be the commute southbound along 270 coming in out of clarksburg and again, i can't emphasize that
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you want to allow extra time on the roads. visibility is at a minimum. some in some places, the fog is so thick you can see maybe a car length ahead of you and that is it. keep your eyes peeled for the little ones waiting around at the bus stop. allow extra time out on the roads. this is 270 and typically, we could see southbound headed out towards 109. that is not the case this morning. a better picture for you coming in out of manassas as you work your way eastbound. a lot of thick fog hovering around in the vienna area. this is 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. lanes are open, no problems headed for the southeast- southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. fox 5 is monitoring metro. metro employees accused of buying meals, expensive gifts and personal items, all on agency credit cards. >> the allegations are detailed
4:49 am
any report just released by metro's inspector general and first obtained by the "washington post." sherry ly has more on the fallout. >> reporter: riders dissatisfied with metro's aging system and fare increases now have another thing to add to complaints. in a 13-page report, metro's inspect ore general details dozens and dozens of questionable credit card purchases over a 15-month period. the total, nearly 10,000 dollars. >> i think that is one part of a much larger problem. a lot of things about this make me mad. >> reporter: the report was first released following a request by the "washington post." large portions are blacked out including names, gifts at one employee hundred chen included two digital cam corders, cutting board sets, 49 gift baskets and that is on top of $18 for the restaurant and food, all it was forbidden under metro policy. >> hopefully, they instituted
4:50 am
things so it won't happen again. >> reporter: in a statement, the manager said there was full reimbursement. it comes at a time when they are proposing a fare increase averaging 5% for bus and rail riders i a metro supervisor caught the expenditures. >> $10,000? i think it is kind of a drop in the bucket. i mean it shouldn't happen but involving that problem wouldn't decrease the need for fare increases. >> reporter: four kindles, three camcorders, a blackberry, ear buds and more than $2,000 in gift cards remain unaccounted for. employees are no longer with metro. prosecutors in the district and prince george's county where some of the purchases were made declined for file charges. u.s. attorney's office for d.c. said it couldn't prove the case, quote, given the culture of purchase card abuse going on
4:51 am
in that office by supervisors calling the conduct out rangeious. sherry ly, fox 5 news. metro now says it is putting tighter controls on spending and mandating more training for credit card use. it has long been talked about. d.c. police hand out more tickets near the end of the month to meet a quota? >> a memo in one local department is raising more suspicious. >> that's what it looks like. >> a quota. >> it is like a quota. >> they do have quotas. >> we did not have quotas. >> the department says that memo is not what it sounds like. we'll have more on that controversial story coming up next.  what do you think of this one?  really?
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4:55 am
on the streets. >> yeah, that is what it looks like. >> a quota? >> yeah. >> it looks like a quota. >> they do have quotas. >> we do not have quotas. and we do not want there to be any confusion with our officers, with the public, that we have numeric expectations and value quantity over quality because we simply do not. >> reporter: articlingthon police chief doug scott says he resinnedded that memo issued march 1st because it has caused confusion. the memo includes each shift and lists monthly, quote, expectations. for example, evening shift, seven arrests, 30 traffic sum mops, five parking citations. >> it looks like they have a certain amount of quotas. >> reporter: the chief says no one is checking numbers. >> the mere suggestion of a quota system in a police
4:56 am
department damages or sullies the professional reputation of the agency. >> reporter: but the public perception is powerful. >> seems like at the end of the month, they get really hot around here. it is like between the 27th and the 28th, they're everywhere and they're just pulling people over for no reason. >> we always talked about them having quotas. that is why they are out like towards the end of the month. >> reporter: that end. the month idea that will not end. in arlington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> all right. a talker. the georgetown hoyas women taking aim at the sweet 16 but were they stung by the yellow jackets? >> and peyton manning heading for denver. we are hearing from manning coming up next in sports. [ male announcer ] take the gamble out of stain removal.
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my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. the georgetown hoyas looking to punch their ticket
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to the sweet 16. but the georgia tech yellow jackets stood in the way. sugar romeers scored a team high 14 points for the hoyas but the yellow jackets too strong. let's point this out. even with the loss, congratulations to ti. a mcgee and ruby lee wright. they were part of the winningest senior class in school history. the cool i think colts taking on paul vi. smith with the rebound and put back. paul vi went on to beat cool im70-646789. to football, it is official. peyton manning is a denver bronco. he was officially introduced yesterday. manning signed a five high pressure year deal that would make him the highest paid player in the nfl


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